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BGT Holdings LLC manufactures complete, brand new aero-derivative gas turbine packages up to 60 MW (78,000 SHP) per turbine to the power generation, marine, and oil & gas industries.  The turbines employed within BGT packages are: GE – LM1500, LM2000, LM2500, TM2500, LM5000, and LM6000; Rolls-Royce RB211; Allison 501; and Pratt & Whitney GG4 and ST6.  

Our gas turbine packages incorporate the latest technologies to ensure reliability, low maintenance costs, and high efficiency.  The turbine platforms which BGT utilize have recorded over 200 million hours of operation and are backed by a comprehensive BGT warranty and long-term maintenance program.  

Whether you require 250MW in Sydney, 25MW of mobile power in Louisiana, or field service up to full overhaul for a GE LM2500 in Istanbul, BGT is your one stop manufacturer and supplier.

Turbine Solutions for the Power Generation, Marine, and Gas & Oil Industries.

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