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BGT has available complete engine overhaul services including component and module repair. All turbines are run in a test cell for output, vibration, oil consumption and horsepower output. Through ATS Corporation, our personnel search for cost effective components to provide our customers with the highest quality and lowest cost option. With our inexpensive labor rates and parts sourcing ability, BGT offers significant reduction in overhaul costs in comparison to OEM rates.

  • Sale, lease, and exchange programs for complete turbines.
  • Distribution of new parts.
  • Repairs, overhauls and exchanges of turbine components and modules for the BGT product line.
  • Specialized inventory management for provisions on a just-in-time basis, worldwide.
  • Repair facility for all parts, components, modules, power turbines, and entire turbines.

Our warranty is among the best in the industry when taking into account our experienced engineers and parts sourcing ability. Each BGT turbine is supplied zero TSO, comes with a one year / 8,000 fired hours warranty, and long term service program. In terms of maintenance, our unparalleled exchange program saves end users more than 75% below OEM spares prices while substantially reducing down time. Through our experienced parts personnel and engineers, our turbines are maintained to the highest degree.


Field service technicians are available to our customers worldwide to perform on site analysis and maintenance. Our technicians have the latest training to provide quality service in the field for the BGT gas turbine product line.