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Mobile Power

BGT manufactures complete trailer mounted packages based upon the GE (LM1500, LM2500 / TM2500, LM2500 Plus, and LM6000), Rolls-Royce RB211, Allison 501, and Pratt & Whitney (FT8, GG4, and ST6) turbine platforms.  Our proprietary designs are compact and ancillary systems are openly accessible for ease of maintenance with minimal down time.

BGT Trailer Mounted packages can be manufactured using zero time overhauled or new turbines – all ancillary equipment, including the generator, is brand new.  BGT packages are warranted the same as brand new with a comprehensive one year or 8,000 fired hours warranty.  Additional warranty or LTSA can be purchased as an option.  BGT has the capability to manufacture four units at once with deliveries as short as four to six months for our Trailer Mounted LM2500 package.

Benefits of the BGT Trailer Mounted LM2500 (GE TM2500 Compatible):

  • Mobile power plant based on the field proven GE LM2500 turbine platform (more than 500 in service with over 25 million hours of operation)
  • ISO rated at 21 MW @ 60 Hz, 20 MW @ 50 Hz
  • Low emissions and augmented power with water injection and inlet fogging / wet compression options
  • Adaptable to any application
  • Extremely mobile and easy to set-up and install
  • Compact and light weight
  • Gaseous, liquid, or dual fuel options available

Please contact us for additional information or our Mobile Generation Brochure.