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BGT provides complete packaging service for many types of industrial applications.  BGT gas turbine packages are tailor made to meet customer requirements.  Our broad range of options are engineered to compensate for poor site conditions, emissions requirements, and meet performance requirements, even under the most extreme site conditions.

  • Built to meet customer requirements – many options available.
• Delivered in modules, ready to install.
• Digital controls with simplex or triplex redundancies.
• A Human Machine Interface (HMI) with graphics display system.
• System health monitoring and maintenance scheduler available.
• Trailer Mounted option available for all packages.
• Cold End Drive option available.
• Simple and Combined Cycle and Mechanical Drive options are available.
• Booster Spool option available for increased output and efficiency.
• Highly reliable.

Complete O & M capabilities worldwide

  • O & M capabilities worldwide
• Turbine repair and overhaul services.
• Long term service contracts.
• Inexpensive labor and replacement parts (Approximately 75% lower that OEM rates).


  • One year / 8,000 fired hours from start or 18 months from shipment.
• Secured by a bank Standby Letter of Credit.

BGT Manufacturing Facility

  • 85,000 SF production area.
  • 4 bays – 60 ft wide.
• (2) 60 ton bridge cranes.
  • (2) 35 ton bridge cranes.
  • (10) 1 ton jib cranes.
• (10) 2 ton jib cranes.
  • (42) welding stations, supporting TIG, MIG, stick and submerged arc.
  • 9 acres, secure & fenced yard.

All BGT turbines are supplied as part of a complete package at a fraction of any competitors price.  All package components are assembled brand new.  The entire package, including the gas turbine, is covered by an extensive one year / 8,000 fired hours warranty and long term service agreement.